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We will meet again in 2020


2019 China International Paint Exhibition has come to a successful conclusion. We will meet again in 2020。

Three days of Shanghai 24th session of China international coatings show in end of November 20, 2019, Long Cai group, the participation of single-screw stereo line 46 powder coating equipment, perfect shows the process automation, no pollution, small floor space, high space utilization, low noise, green environmental protection and other characteristics, attracted a large number of  Chinese and foreign new and old customers.In the past three days, we have met our long-standing customers and got to know many new customers. Through exchanges, communication and negotiation, we have determined the direction of cooperation for the New Year.

This exhibition not only broadens vision, opens the train of thought, but also further enhances the company's brand awareness and influence. It is a harvest full!Longcai people never forget their original intention and forge ahead. I look forward to meeting you again in 2020